Monthly Archives January 2010

The Electronic Revolution – Google and Job Candidates

It’s amazing how “electronic” the world is. There isn’t anything you can’t find online. From addresses and phone numbers to birthdays and ages, it’s all at your fingertips. (We just better hope our social security number and credit cards aren’t accessible through Google.)

As we were completing our family Christmas cards this year, I was amazed at the information you could find about a person through Google. Our latest discovery (more…)

Is Anybody Going to Read This? – The Impact of Marketing

This Christmas vacation allowed me the perfect opportunity to educate my kids on marketing. In an effort to deliver the best product and value for the customer, I volunteered my daughters to string elastic bands in 9,000 hangtags. The printer’s estimate for attaching the bands was too high, (more…)

Resolution for Revolution – Make 2010 Your Year to Change

Happy New Year! As we usher in another year, the sappy and nostalgic optimist within me can’t help but escape. 2009 was tough. Personally. Professionally. Individually. Collectively.

Certainly many challenges lie ahead, but I can’t help but be warmed with optimism as I look at another opportunity for a fresh beginning. As I reflect on the past year and my personal and professional growth, and look forward to what 2010 might hold, the reflection becomes the catalyst for New Year’s resolutions.