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Brand Identity – What Your Social Media Presence Says About You

The word “brand” is something we’re all too familiar with in marketing. When thinking of a brand, it’s generally tied to our clients, our own company, or the spokespeople that represent each. In an earlier post, Denise discussed employees and spokespeople in relation to brand, and this got me thinking about personal brands. Essentially, everyone is a brand and it’s up to each individual to represent his or hers in the best way. In the age of e-mail anonymity and screen names, we may not be paying enough attention to personal brands. Now, with the influx of social media usage, our personal brands require more attention than ever before. For years, we’ve all maintained two separate personal brands – one professional and one more casual. But with the social media revolution, those brands quickly blend together. Naturally, at an important business event or job interview we exhibit our professional brand. What about our day-to-day lives outside of work? (more…)

The Golden Ticket Idea – Finding Yours

Yesterday morning’s edition of Mashable! mentioned a new company called Chocomize. It allows customers to create customized candy and markets itself as being “like an online candy factory and you’re Willy Wonka!” The mention of Willy Wonka reeled me in. Besides being one of my favorite childhood movies, I have great appreciation for the classic film “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” as an adult and marketing professional. More than just an entertaining story, many forget that the plot centers on a successful marketing campaign. And, although it’s fictional, seeing this marketing ploy got me thinking of the movie, and how we can apply Mr. Wonka’s principles to our industry today. (more…)

Outshine & Outsell – Creating a Unique Marketing Strategy

One only needs to walk into a store, or in our case, the floor of a show like World of Concrete or CONEXPO, to see the vast array of products available. With a global market at our fingertips, the choices and opportunities have never been more abundant – and neither have the challenges. With so many products on the market, the biggest challenge is making your product stand out. You have to give the customer a reason to purchase your product – a reason different from that of any competitor. But how do you find that reason or unique selling proposition? (more…)

Less is More – Press Kit Designs

Tradeshows are like professional sports – there’s a season and an off-season. In every sport from hockey and football to baseball and soccer, the best athletes don’t spend their off-season relaxing and losing focus. Instead they get themselves physically and mentally prepared for the next season. We in the industry need to follow this example and spend our off-season, not taking a break and forgetting about shows for a few months, but prepping for the upcoming tradeshow season. And let’s face it – it will be here before we know it. (more…)

Likes, Comments & Followers – Don’t Get Hung Up On the Numbers

So you decided to take the plunge into social media marketing. You set up a Facebook page, blog and/or Twitter account. You posted staff photos, wrote riveting blog entries and tweeted some exciting company news. But some time has passed and you don’t have the “Likes” and followers you were expecting. And the only comments you seem to get on your blog are caught by its spam filter. It’s time to face the facts and cut social media out of your marketing plan…or is it?


Business Lessons from “The Last Lecture”

I’ve always believed that it’s in the midst of the biggest crisis or darkest hour that our true inner strength and character shines through. Therefore, is it any wonder that those facing the most difficult circumstances often inspire us by the life lessons they share? For instance, there is a lady in our church that has battled cancer for nine years. Each time the cancer comes back, it spreads more and becomes even more aggressive. However, as I talk to her, I do nothing but learn. Learn about courage, determination, responsibility, gratitude and faith. Great life lessons. (more…)

Items May Shift in Flight – Is it Better to Check or Carry-On?

I stumbled across this article last night. The article seemed timely as tradeshow season is coming up again and summer is the prime vacation time. The article definitely offers food for thought on luggage handling and airline travel.

Next week, my wife and I are leaving on a trip to see friends in Nevada and we’re trying to decide whether to check our luggage or pack light and carry-on. Historically I’ve been one who always opts for the carry-on option. Packing became an art form for me — a real-life version of Tetris. T-shirts were rolled and lined the perimeter of the suitcase. Jackets or sweatshirts were worn on the plane, etc. The only issue with this was I had to get to the gate as soon as my boarding section was called to ensure enough room in the seemingly ever-shrinking overhead bins. (more…)

Read Me – Tips for E-mail Marketing

Does anybody really read anything these days? I hope so…after all, I am a writer. But I realize the truth is that people simply don’t have time to read everything that comes their way – and e-mails are no exception. Most of us get dozens, even hundreds of e-mails a day, and chances are, we don’t really take the time to read all of them. So if we don’t even read our standard e-mail messages, it’s likely that people aren’t reading the e-mail ad or e-blast either.  (more…)