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??Open Your Mind to Open-Source??

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Mitch Wagner

Never have there been more options for designing a website, from the $5.99/month services to open-source, blog-like platforms to fully custom-programmed behemoths. You can get great results regardless of which direction you go, so a little research is required to see what meets your immediate and future needs. You may run into developers that call WordPress and similar sites little more than glorified blogs. But while many of them began life as blog platforms, they have since grown into more complete CMS solutions.

The site you are on was built using WordPress. Having said that, don’t for get about the open-source option if you are looking to have a website built.

As for me, and for IRONCLAD, we have found open-source platforms are the way to go. We can offer a robust set of features tailored to any budget. The best part is you are not tied down to a proprietary CMS system. A custom-programmed site can have great CMS capabilities, but if you end your relationship with the company that built it, the company will export static pages and you lose ALL ability to edit – unless you go into the code. Open-source is different. You have a framework that any developer can edit so you can take the site wherever you want while maintaining all of its CMS capabilities.

Plugins are available to accomplish virtually any task from stocks and weather to making your site a secure online shopping cart. There is also an abundance of themes out there that cost from nothing on up. Need mobile capabilities? No need to build a second site Continue Reading →

Going Mobile – Execution Is Key With Codes

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Mitch Wagner

On my way home from work I go by a particular billboard that has caught my eye for the past few weeks. It’s not the headline or some crazy photo – it’s that it has a QR code. To be specific, the billboard’s main image is a belt buckle with a QR code right in the center. It’s a neat idea, something you don’t see every day, and attention-getting for sure. The problem? It’s not properly executed. The code is completely un–scannable (not to mention even attempting to scan it is incredibly dangerous unless you are a passenger.) The code is simply too small for the distance away a person would be when scanning it, not to mention the speed at which they are traveling. Continue Reading →

Websites On The Run – Going Mobile

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Mitch Wagner

The mobile phone has gone through many changes over the years. From the 8 lb. brick Zack Morris used on “Saved by the Bell” in the early 90’s to the smart phones of today, the transformation of mobile technologies is in constant evolution. The way we use our mobile phones has also changed dramatically. I would dare to say that actually using them to place calls has taken at the very least the middle seat to texting and surfing the web. As surfing the web on our phones becomes a more popular past time, another trend follows closely behind — the development of mobile sites. Deciding when and how to implement a mobile site strategy can be a scary task, but it doesn’t have to be. In hopes of dispelling some of that fear, I’m outlining a few key things to consider when developing your mobile sites.

The functionality of modern phone browsers has evolved to be Continue Reading →