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Dishwashers – What More Can I be Thankful For?

What does it mean to be truly thankful? I’m not talking about being polite, rather being thankful for what life has brought you. Being thankful for the true blessings in life that make you feel like everything is worth it.

I feel this year I really have a lot to be thankful for, and would like to express my gratitude. So I have comprised a list of the five things I am most thankful for.

1. Dishwashers – without them a lot of time would be wasted.
2. Ice Scrapers – if you lived in North Dakota, you would understand.
3. Coffee – without this, there wouldn’t be that extra boost to start off the day right.

Let’s get serious – What I’m really thankful for is:

4. Having a strong, caring and healthy family that supports each other no matter what.
5. And I am truly grateful to be working at a motivated company, and I’m thankful for the new friendships I’m building. I can’t say thank you enough for all the true blessings that life has brought this year.

A Few Things I’m Thankful For

My healthy children…who make me laugh everyday and have taught me more about life than I’ll ever teach them.

My husband…who loves me despite my obsession with junk and flea markets.

Farming…even though I swear my husband loves you more than me.

Snow…there’s nothing more Norman Rockwell-ish than a White Christmas.

My Grandma Mary Ann…hope I’m still kickin’ like that at 82.

My parents…who taught me there are only a couple things that really matter in life – faith, family and friends.

IRONCLAD Marketing…for wonderful co-workers (yes, even you Mitch), great clients and the opportunity to do something I love everyday.

Thankful – The Essay

Mitchell Wagner – Art Director – IRONCLAD Marketing

Mitchell Wagner

When Denise told us about this project – to write a blog about what we are thankful for – I decided to write the longest blog in history, at least IRONCLAD’s history. After all a picture is worth a thousand words, right? (more…)

Food, Friends and John Lennon – What I’m Thankful For

I’m a pretty happy person. Sure, I have my share of bad days and of course I get frustrated from time to time. But especially during those times, I try to remind myself to be thankful and count my blessings. So I’d like to take a moment to share some of the things for which I’m thankful – starting of course with the really important stuff.

I’m thankful for pumpkin-flavored…everything! This time of year, I can’t have enough pumpkin bread, pumpkin spice coffee and pumpkin pie. I’m thankful for snow. Seriously, I love snow. I’m thankful (more…)


Denise Stoppleworth – President – IRONCLAD Marketing

Denise Stoppleworth

It’s Thanksgiving and, at the risk of being a highly creative organization falling into the completely typical and anticipated, we thought it might be good to take a moment to reflect on those things for which we are thankful. It’s a great way to get to know us and to give the new members of our team their first blog experience. Of course, Mitch, whom I affectionately call our resident eeyore, (see earlier blog) retorted with, “Great, I feel like I’m in elementary school and have just been given an assignment in English!” (more…)

The Big Idea – You Might Have It

Where do great ideas come from? It’s a tough question to answer, because there isn’t ‘one’ correct answer. Great ideas don’t just come from one source; they come from everywhere – and from everyone. It’s important to create a work environment that fosters and encourages every employee, regardless of position or title, to share ideas.

It seems like a simple concept, right? (more…)

Direct Marketing – Don’t Miss Big!

Let me just preface this, my first blog entry, by saying up front – I’m not a writer. Writing was far from my favorite subject in high school and college. I was the one making fonts bigger and adding spaces to get to that tenth page of a 10-page paper. However, working at a small agency, from time to time I’m asked to put on my writing hat. And I must say, while it’s not my strongest suit, I have come to enjoy putting the pen to paper. Whether it be input for a story, ad copy, or content for a micro site, it’s just another way I can help our clients deliver effective marketing messages. (more…)

Creative Blocks – Tips to Help Break Through

Mitchell Wagner – Art Director – IRONCLAD Marketing

Mitchell Wagner

As you may or may not have noticed, I have been a bit sporadic lately with blogs. Writer’s block is probably one of the biggest contributors to this. I try to blame it on the fact that I am not a writer. However, even in design there are creative blocks we must overcome. So, I figured a solution to the issue might be to write a blog about it, in hopes of breaking the cycle. The answer of how to deal with blocks will differ from person-to-person, but I think there are some general, all-encompassing strategies we can all try. Below I have outlined some of the ways I deal with it.