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Is There Mutiny In The Ranks? Perhaps. Then Again, Maybe Not…

Denise Stoppleworth – President – IRONCLAD Marketing

Denise Stoppleworth

Last year, I “suggested” everyone write a Thanksgiving blog. (Those of you who know me, know that suggest may be a “mild” term for it.) Everyone – even the designers traditionally opposed to copy – found a way to communicate those things for which they are thankful. If you recall, Mitch’s blog entry was quite clever. Check it out. This year however, Mitch put his foot down and said, “No Thanksgiving mandate.” Every once in a while, Mitch has to win a battle, so I gave him this one. No suggestion. No prompting. Not even a polite request was made. But you see what happened? They (the Thanksgiving blog entries) still appeared. They came without mandate, begging or prompting. Perhaps because none of us can let this time of year pass by without being grateful.

I too can’t help but express my gratitude. I know I’m truly blessed – with a wonderful husband, three great kids, good health, strong faith and a myriad of personal blessings that leave me filled with gratitude no matter what challenges arise. But it’s even more than that. I feel (more…)

Another Year, More To Be Thankful For

A few things I am thankful for this year:

Snow. Although we’ve had just a trace, our first six-inch snowfall is not far off. And a blanket of the white stuff means the fieldwork will cease until spring and life on Odegaard Farms will slow down for a while.

Spilled Milk. There’s no use crying over it. And with a three year old and a one year old at our house, there’s plenty of it. But it signifies healthy, rambunctious children – and not sweating the small stuff.

Siding. Our home underwent an exterior home makeover this spring. I was hoping my move-that-bus moment would have happened in August. We’re now pushing December, but I’m no less thankful to slowly see the Tyvek gone and our house become a home again.

Santa Claus. The idea of him leaving presents under the tree – or maybe it’s the threat of him flying on by – has one of my milk-spillers behaving just a little better. Not to mention the sparkle in her eyes as she tries to figure out how on earth those reindeer will land on our roof and Santa will squeeze down the chimney.

Equipment. From agriculture to construction to landscape and everything in between, both my husband and I work with it everyday. He’s behind the wheel of a tractor growing crops and I’m behind the scenes helping our clients grow their business. It has been good to us, giving us fulfilling careers in rewarding industries.


Giving Thanks For All My Blessings – H2O, Hockey and Health

Did you know Thanksgiving is this week? Seriously, I really worry that people might not realize it. With the Halloween candy hangover still looming well into November, and the abundance of Christmas-themed ads pummeling us everywhere we go, poor Thanksgiving often becomes lost and forgotten. And what’s sadder is Thanksgiving is the quiet, low-maintenance holiday we should all look forward to most of all. It’s a holiday that only demands one day from us, and comes with a simple request: Be thankful. (more…)

Going Mobile – Execution Is Key With Codes

Mitchell Wagner – Art Director – IRONCLAD Marketing

Mitchell Wagner

On my way home from work I go by a particular billboard that has caught my eye for the past few weeks. It’s not the headline or some crazy photo – it’s that it has a QR code. To be specific, the billboard’s main image is a belt buckle with a QR code right in the center. It’s a neat idea, something you don’t see every day, and attention-getting for sure. The problem? It’s not properly executed. The code is completely un–scannable (not to mention even attempting to scan it is incredibly dangerous unless you are a passenger.) The code is simply too small for the distance away a person would be when scanning it, not to mention the speed at which they are traveling. (more…)