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To Do And Not To Do – Lessons From Dunder Mifflin

Ah, The Office. Easily one of my favorite shows. Just ask Denise – actually, don’t. Several of us at IRONCLAD quote the show like it’s second nature — not even realizing we’re doing it. Add to that, the frequent reference to certain episodes and all the inside jokes tied to it and we tend to drive Denise nuts. But in my years of faithfully watching The Office, I’ve found some real business lessons to be learned from the characters. So I’d like to share – and then I promise Denise, no more Office around the office for at least a week.

Dwight – Proof That Passion Pays Off
As ridiculous his antics or bizarre his methods, Dwight continues to be the top salesman in the office. And why? He loves his job. Not just that, he’s hopelessly devoted to it. Day and night, rain or shine, holidays and weekends, Dwight is there to provide top-notch, personal service for clients — something Dunder Mifflin (more…)