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Set Foot Into New Hire Kelsey Kuller’s Office

I love the freedom of advertising. How many careers actually encourage their employees to catch up on their creativity, catchy puns and Facebook posting ideas? Not many. It is a bonus knowing that these activities help businesses reach out to their audiences in a meaningful way, ultimately helping them become successful, sought-after businesses.

However, my curiosity and possible career routes had both grown over the years, so I needed a final shove to become fully dedicated to this field.

I looked to my role model, my mother, to help me decide which career path to take. This woman not only brought me into the world, she is someone who has seen and supported me through it all. You see, my mother is the “how does she do it?” kind of awesome. And you’ll come to see why I have these bragging rights. (more…)

A Smooth Ride for Customers & Prospects

Writing is like driving.

From A to B, uneducated to informed, ambivalence to desire, immobility to action – the goal is always the same: get somewhere. Or, to be more precise, take someone else there.

Either way, writing or driving, it’s a journey. Along the way it’s important to always make sure the passenger is comfortable and enjoys the ride.

My father taught me about placing the passenger at the center of the experience when I was 14 and had my learner’s permit. He kept his patience, somehow, as I slammed us through a thousand jerky starts and chin-to-dashboard stops. “The safety and comfort of your passengers are your responsibility,” he told me. “Begin slowing for stops early so they’re never pressed into their safety belts. Don’t slam their backs into the seats with quick starts. Make easy turns instead of jags.” And then there was the statement that tied it all together: “Do all of it right, and they’ll forget they’re in a vehicle at all.”

Readers are like (more…)