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Don’t Lose The ‘Me’ In Team

Everyone has heard the saying, ‘There’s no ‘I’ in Team.’ This phrase is one I take to heart and believe in 100-percent. Any time you’re part of the team, it’s not about you; rather, it’s about the whole group. Everyone has a place to contribute and, ultimately, we succeed as a team, or we fail as a team. (more…)

To Do And Not To Do – Lessons From Dunder Mifflin

Ah, The Office. Easily one of my favorite shows. Just ask Denise – actually, don’t. Several of us at IRONCLAD quote the show like it’s second nature — not even realizing we’re doing it. Add to that, the frequent reference to certain episodes and all the inside jokes tied to it and we tend to drive Denise nuts. But in my years of faithfully watching The Office, I’ve found some real business lessons to be learned from the characters. So I’d like to share – and then I promise Denise, no more Office around the office for at least a week.

Dwight – Proof That Passion Pays Off
As ridiculous his antics or bizarre his methods, Dwight continues to be the top salesman in the office. And why? He loves his job. Not just that, he’s hopelessly devoted to it. Day and night, rain or shine, holidays and weekends, Dwight is there to provide top-notch, personal service for clients — something Dunder Mifflin (more…)

Giving Thanks For All My Blessings – H2O, Hockey and Health

Did you know Thanksgiving is this week? Seriously, I really worry that people might not realize it. With the Halloween candy hangover still looming well into November, and the abundance of Christmas-themed ads pummeling us everywhere we go, poor Thanksgiving often becomes lost and forgotten. And what’s sadder is Thanksgiving is the quiet, low-maintenance holiday we should all look forward to most of all. It’s a holiday that only demands one day from us, and comes with a simple request: Be thankful. (more…)

Reaction, Action – Good Advertising Does Both

Although I know I’m not alone here, I almost cringe to admit the following: As a child, I was fascinated by infomercials. I was suckered in by the promises of the food dehydrator that could make fruit roll-ups, and the veggie chopper that could make slicing and dicing so idiot-proof even I couldn’t mess it up. I’m pretty sure I begged my parents for at least one gadget every week.

Even though I’ve become a much wiser consumer, I still find myself being lured in by some advertisements. Not cheesy infomercials anymore, but really good television commercials, print ads, direct mailers, all of it. And again, I know I’m not the only one who can be mesmerized or moved to action by a really good ad. I got to thinking about this yesterday after reading about a certain shoe company in the news, and its highly-crazed toning shoes. You know what I’m talking about – the shoes that promise (more…)

A Job Well-Done

Maybe it’s just my imagination, but wellness seems to be a popular topic lately, with wellness programs popping up everywhere. Whether simple perks like heath club incentives or putting together a full-scale “Biggest Loser” contest, more and more employers seem to be recognizing the value of staying well.

And it’s with good reason. Employees are the most valuable assets a company has. Research shows that healthy employees tend to be happier and more productive – both big pluses around any office. Additionally, I read in last month’s issue of Occupational Health and Safety magazine, companies with effective health management programs can expect a revenue increase of 20 percent per employee. With rising health care costs and lost productivity costs associated with sick days, that statistic is more important than ever.

As a health and fitness enthusiast, I’m all for these programs – but (more…)

A Greet or a Tweet – Social Media Gets Personal

Have I ever mentioned that I’m a big fan of personal communication and connections? In case I don’t say it enough, yes, I am. Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the annual AEM Marketing Conference in Austin, and spent some great quality time with several colleagues. From catching up with a client and getting to know my current industry friends better, to meeting several new folks who I hope will become good friends, there was never a dull moment. Though we’re all able to stay in touch via email, LinkedIn and other forms of communication, nothing beats seeing these people face-to-face. And then of course, there were the seminars and speakers, which were all very good. I was able to take away something from each and every one. In fact, one presenter and one seminar managed to challenge (more…)

Out of the Zone – Embracing New Marketing Ideas

Remember the last time you did something completely crazy? Okay, maybe not crazy, but outside your normal comfort zone? I had such an experience last week. I’m pretty unskilled when it comes to cooking, hence, I’m hesitant to try new things. I stick with what I know, which is very basic (think lots of dishes that can incorporate steamed veggies or scrambled eggs). Well, I decided to take a big step last week. I picked out a recipe, purchased all the ingredients, and spent a good hour prepping, chopping, dashing and following the recipe to create my masterpiece. While my eggplant lasagna was far from something Curtis Stone would praise, I was extremely proud. It tasted really good! This type of “extreme cooking” is still far outside my comfort zone, but I’m actually looking forward to trying a new recipe again – and hopefully I’ll improve my skills along the way.

This experience made me think about what our clients go through working with us. Really, every company working with an outside agency goes through many situations where they step outside their comfort zone (more…)

Beyond the NCAA – March is Madness

Even if your interest in sports ranks right up there with my interest in shopping (which, for the record, is zero), you’re probably still aware of the NCAA college basketball tournament, also know as March Madness, going on this month. When the term “March Madness” is spoken this, or any time of year, thoughts immediately go to brackets, picks, and who has the best looking uniforms or coolest mascot. This type of March Madness is certainly popular and something I myself get caught up in (my bracket, as of last night, is now officially destroyed, but oh well!). But the equipment industry also experiences its own madness this time of year – well, every three years to be exact.

CONEXPO-CON/AGG is the biggest industry tradeshow in the country, drawing in more than 100,000 attendees. Companies from all over the globe come to show off their best products, launch new ones and see what other companies have been cooking up over the past few years. Add all this to that the fact it’s held only once every three years, and it becomes something even more exciting – our industry’s own version of March Madness. (more…)

Damage Control – Can Taco Bell Redeem Itself?

For as long as I can recall, I’ve never been a meat eater. Growing up in the middle of farming- and hunting-country USA, this has always been a bit strange for people to understand, but for me, it’s just what I’ve always known. I remember way back in the day, at the dinner table, when I would attempt to trade my chicken to one of my brothers for their peas, corn or carrots. Despite constant teasing and horrified looks from family members, friends and even strangers, there are always times when I’m reminded of how happy I am to be a vegetarian. The latest: Taco Bell.

You’ve probably heard the story and seen the new response ads to the claims being brought forth against Taco Bell (more…)

Technology Schmechnology – I’ll Take a Handshake

I was fortunate enough to attend the annual World of Concrete/World of Masonry tradeshow last week and had a wonderful time. While I enjoy walking the show to check out what’s new, find out the latest trends and just basically see what other companies are up to, the absolute best part of attending the shows is seeing people – clients, editors, ad reps and all others I work with on a daily basis.

While I technically do “work” with these people every day, I don’t actually get to see them in person. And it’s amazing how much of that personal connection is missed (more…)