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Two Sides to Every Story

Melissa Davidson

Melissa Davidson

When it comes to writing, whether it’s for a blog, website or brochure, there are always two sides involved — the reader and writer. As a reader, you want to be entertained or learn something new — perhaps about a new product, a new way of doing something or a different way of looking at the world.

As a writer, it’s your (more…)

Clarity Brings New Beginnings


Melissa Davidson

Being a public relations writer means you are the voice of the client. You share their successes, innovations and ideas through a clever and delicate balance of words and phrases, creating a simple and concise message that entices readers beginning to end. It’s this exciting challenge of word play that defines my role on the IRONCLAD Marketing Team.

We are all faced with challenges daily, whether as individuals, small businesses or Fortune 500 companies. It’s not these challenges that shape who we are, but rather our reaction – how we respond to the circumstances, experiences, accomplishments and tribulations — that molds us. I write about how others have overcome, so I share with you a few of my curve balls that have impacted who I am and brought me to today.

I grew up in a small North Dakota town of about 2,500, surrounded by coal mines and power plants. My dad was a police officer, which, as you can imagine, made me very uneasy when I became a teenager. My mom (more…)