Brad Murphy
Executive Vice-President and COO – Subaru Industrial Power Products

One of the primary advantages of working with an agency is that you get knowledgeable professionals who truly understand your needs, and are able to offer objective and a fresh perspective on your company and your marketing program. After working with Denise at her previous agency for more than six years, we realized the benefits of working with a team driven by focused and insightful leadership. When Denise formed IRONCLAD Marketing, it was a natural for us to want to continue our relationship with her. Denise combines her understanding of our company and its products with a thoughtful, strategic approach to effectively communicate our message.

She’s assembled a team of industry veterans that are not only talented, but also understand our company, culture, products and best of all, our markets. The IRONCLAD crew has boosted the value of our conventional media, such as print ads and direct mail, through the use of unique design and creative messages. They’ve also successfully incorporated non-traditional options like e-newsletters and social media marketing to enhance our brand image.

Our public relations program is another vehicle that’s helped increase growth and brand recognition. Denise and Lindsay’s strong relationships with various trade publications are a tremendous asset, as they’re able to find the best placements to maximize our reach and investment. If you think you’re too small for an agency or can’t afford it, our story proves just the opposite is true – we’ve achieved great ROI working with IRONCLAD.