Just like the concussion of an explosion hitting the body – BOOOMMM! – strong messaging should hit the mind. At it’s best it just about blows you over, takes your breath away, makes you open your eyes wide and want more.

Getting that impact is easier said than done, and even the best writers don’t burst into that kind of effectiveness every time. But every time we sit down to a blank page, we already know the elements that need to be mixed together to get the big bang we want for our clients.

I call the concoction C4, just like the military-grade plastic explosive. And when you get it right, it’s a blast. So here’s the recipe.

Strong communication is:

  • Clear – Use simple, easy-to-comprehend, everyday language.
  • Concise – Short is sweet. Few people pay attention to lengthy messages these days.
  • Captivating – This refers to both voice and style. Active, vigorous writing, proper grammar and transitions between thoughts draw people in and keep them reading.
  • Compelling – The words have a powerful, irresistible effect, and readers, listeners or viewers are convinced they need what you’re describing. They see the benefits to their lives or operations, and are compelled to take the action you desire – visit a website, buy a product or hire you for a project.

A fifth C, creative, always helps, but defining what that is can be slippery. Creative to one is ho-hum to another, and sometimes the most creative course is common and straightforward.

As for C4, each ingredient is innocuous alone, but mix them together and –


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