Clarity Brings New Beginnings


Melissa Davidson

Being a public relations writer means you are the voice of the client. You share their successes, innovations and ideas through a clever and delicate balance of words and phrases, creating a simple and concise message that entices readers beginning to end. It’s this exciting challenge of word play that defines my role on the IRONCLAD Marketing Team.

We are all faced with challenges daily, whether as individuals, small businesses or Fortune 500 companies. It’s not these challenges that shape who we are, but rather our reaction – how we respond to the circumstances, experiences, accomplishments and tribulations — that molds us. I write about how others have overcome, so I share with you a few of my curve balls that have impacted who I am and brought me to today.

I grew up in a small North Dakota town of about 2,500, surrounded by coal mines and power plants. My dad was a police officer, which, as you can imagine, made me very uneasy when I became a teenager. My mom held a few jobs throughout the years. She worked at one of the coal power plants in town, then the local golf course until she became a stay-at-home mom. I also had a brother, who was nine years older than me.

We lived in a very modest home, near the winding Knife River on the outskirts of town. I spent a lot of time at that river, catching frogs, swimming and fishing and I wouldn’t have traded it for an iPad, iPhone or Wii any day. In 1999, I graduated from High School, and that summer I moved to the “big city” of Fargo, N.D. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, so I spent the next several years in college “finding myself.” In 2007, I graduated with a degree in University Studies. Who knew you could graduate with a degree in…well, nothing specific? Prior to that I certainly didn’t, but I viewed it as an opportunity. I wasn’t bound to a certain skill set; I was free to let my intuition and broad pallet of abilities lead the way. But even with this new view on life, I still wasn’t able to fully focus on what I wanted to do because I literally didn’t know who I was.

Over several years, amidst the journey of niching out my career path, I found clarity. I was adopted. And for me, being adopted left me with questions. Lots of questions, that I pondered daily.  Who were my parents? Where do they live? Who do I look like? Do I have brothers or sister? Why? But, in 2009 those questions were put to rest when I was happily reunited with my biological family. My extended family grew considerably and best of all, I also gained two brothers and a sister. It was a very welcomed surprise that allowed me to clear my mind of all that questionable clutter.

Since then, I’ve married and my husband and I have been blessed with not one but two little girls; yes, twins. It turns out my biological mom is a twin and, not only that, the biological phenomena is fairly common in the family. This was great information that in no way prepared us for the news we were having twins; that was another unexpected yet beautiful curve ball.

It’s challenges like these that have pushed me to grow as an individual, a daughter, a mother and a wife, and have challenged me to emerge stronger, smarter and happier. I’ve happily embraced the challenges, taking them all in stride.

So just as my personal life started to take shape and began to feel whole, my career followed suit. Ever since a young age I was compelled to put my pencil, paint, or whatever to paper — and in some cases walls — and let the creative juices flow, creating pieces of art that my mom has ever so proudly stored for these past 32 years. Now that I’ve grown up and have a busy family of my own, I’ve traded in the pencils and paint for precious sleep and relentless household chores.

So when the opportunity to write for IRONCLAD Marketing was before me, I knew it was on the perfect track to filling that creative void. There’s such an expressive freedom found in writing. I can just let the words, plucked from the crossroads of my imagination and perceptions, hit the paper. I’m absolutely thrilled to be a part of the IRONCLAD team and I look forward to writing about the curve balls that bring other people to create, innovate and lead.