Let me just preface this, my first blog entry, by saying up front – I’m not a writer. Writing was far from my favorite subject in high school and college. I was the one making fonts bigger and adding spaces to get to that tenth page of a 10-page paper. However, working at a small agency, from time to time I’m asked to put on my writing hat. And I must say, while it’s not my strongest suit, I have come to enjoy putting the pen to paper. Whether it be input for a story, ad copy, or content for a micro site, it’s just another way I can help our clients deliver effective marketing messages.

Speaking of effective marketing, have you received any not-so-direct, direct marketing messages lately? I have. The other day I got an e-mail from Zappos, which, if you’re not familiar with, is an online shoe retailer that also offers clothing and accessories. The company was just sending a note to say the maternity jeans I ordered a year ago were still available. My first thought was, “Thank god I’m not still pregnant!” And my second thought was, “Nice try.” In an attempt to anticipate my needs
and send me a personal message, it just showed me how detached and systematic its process is.

I do realize that this was an instance with fairly unique circumstances. But it made me think about how a concrete contractor might react to receiving personalized information about hot-mix asphalt. In today’s information-capturing, database-driven world, the options for direct marketing are endless. More often than not, a relevant, personal message is delivered and well received. The trick is to try and hit the mark 100 percent of time.

What are you doing to ensure you’re direct marketing doesn’t miss big?

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