Everyone has heard the saying, ‘There’s no ‘I’ in Team.’ This phrase is one I take to heart and believe in 100-percent. Any time you’re part of the team, it’s not about you; rather, it’s about the whole group. Everyone has a place to contribute and, ultimately, we succeed as a team, or we fail as a team.

I’ve blogged before on the value a good team player can bring to a group, and it’s true whether it’s at the office, on your amateur rec league sports team or even in your family. This time I wanted to take it a step further and focus on the individual benefits everyone realizes through teamwork – which, I know, does sound slightly ironic. Of course teamwork is great for the group, but more so, it’s really beneficial for every individual. Teamwork brings out the best in us all, and in the workplace, a team-centric atmosphere is often the best way to encourage 100-percent from every employee. Nearly everyone enjoys the feeling of being a part of a team and the opportunity to be a valuable contributor to a final end result. And of course, there’s no greater motivation to do your best then when you know others are counting on you to deliver. So while there’s no ‘I’ in ‘Team’, there is a ‘Me’.

Why my heightened focus on teamwork? Here at IRONCLAD, there’s so much emphasis placed on teamwork all the time. Our tight-knit group is the definition of a team – a philosophy and camaraderie that extends beyond the
office. Later this month, we’ll be showing our team spirit by participating in the annual 61 for 61 Roger Maris Cancer Center Home Run/Walk event here in Fargo. Especially because running is primarily a solo sport, I’m so excited to be participating in this race as part of the Iron Maidens team. Knowing I’m representing IRONCLAD and our entire group, and running in remembrance of our dear friend and client, Jay Peck, just might be the extra boost of motivation I need to set a new personal best!

If you’d like to support cancer research, and the Iron Maidens, please visit our FirstGiving page.

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