Greg Sitek
Vice President Editorial – Associated Construction Publications

There are a lot of marketing, PR and/or agency people in the business and they don’t all execute at the same professional level. From an editorial standpoint this can be frustrating and even irritating. Denise Stoppleworth is an exception and has always been the quintessential professional. Working with her over the years has made my job easier because she delivers what she tells you she will, at the time she designates — and with the quality that demonstrates her knowledge, not only of the markets she covers, but also the idiosyncrasies and the defining editorial characteristics of your publications.

The press conferences or events that she manages, along with the supporting materials, reflect her experience and knowledge of the industry, as well as her understanding of what editors do and how they do it. Denise is an example of what the professional marketing and PR person should be. I look forward to working with her.