Denise Stoppleworth – President – IRONCLAD Marketing

Denise Stoppleworth

Some marketing campaigns are just classic. Some are cool, but forgettable. I am referring to the many campaigns for which you remember the commercial or the slogan, but completely forget the product or brand. Unfortunately in the business-to-business arena, we often don’t have the luxury relying on zippy television ads and catchy music to be memorable. Rather, we become memorable by connecting with the customer on a very real level. Though we use the catchy ad or eblast to capture attention, the memorable experience becomes more about the quality of the message and the interaction with the customer than the glitzy creative. Don’t get me wrong, that creative is important to draw attention – the first step in marketing your product – but the substance is even more important. I once heard that nothing can kill a product faster than a good marketing campaign. Head scratcher. I know. Basically it should say nothing can kill a product faster than a good marketing campaign that promises something the product doesn’t or can’t deliver.

How sound is your strategy? Have you made sure that the message you have in your marketing materials is something the customer experiences as a way of life in every interaction with your company? What’s your brand promise?

But, who wouldn’t like to develop an ad campaign designed to motivate by pure emotion and impulse — like the McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It” campaign? They’re launching a new series of television ads in the campaign. Take a look and let me know which you like best. Personally, I love one of them, but don’t connect with the other. How about you?

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