I spent a fair amount of time watching football on Sunday. You won’t be surprised to hear I saw a political ad here or there. It felt like hundreds. All negative, of course. So-and-so voted to cut health care. So-and-so gave themselves a pay raise. So-and-so can’t do anything right.

Sprinkled between the slew of political ads were a few others, featuring more positive messages.

Nissan re-designed its Pathfinder to offer a more family-friendly vehicle – a mini-van in disguise.

You can now play “Heart and Soul” on an iPad mini.

Kia is finally offering attractive vehicles. In fact, the company’s advertisement makes the Optima look like a Lexus. I’ll be taking one for a test spin soon.

Finally, Papa John’s gave me an offer I literally couldn’t resist. Order now, get a free pizza later. Sign. Me. Up.

These ads were missing one thing that was common to all the political ads. They didn’t say a peep about what’s wrong with the competitors’ products, just sheer benefits of their products and why I should care.

“Better ingredients, better pizza. Papa Johns.” No mention of how awful their competitor is.

The Apple ad had two hands flawlessly stroking digital keys with no information about the apps on a competitor’s tablet. Or how clunky a real piano is.

And, actually, they were quite influential. I don’t mean to sound like I’m easily persuaded. I’m really not the type of consumer who sees something and immediately wants it, but maybe all those negative political ads have gotten to me. Seeing a company promote its products in a positive way was actually refreshing and interesting.

So why haven’t these politicians caught on to an effective way to communicate? Why do they continually send depressing mail that makes me feel our country is heading straight for an apocalypse no matter who I vote for?

Granted, I know who and what I’ll be voting for, but I’m tired of the mudslinging.

I look forward to casting my vote on Tuesday and then enjoying my free pizza while watching the election stats roll in.

And, I’m ecstatic to have the next few years free of political advertisements. I’m sure you can relate.

I’m Laura Stoneburner, and I approve this message.

Now get out there and vote.


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