Denise Stoppleworth – President – IRONCLAD Marketing

Denise Stoppleworth

As the early adopters take hold, the iPad is marked to revolutionize retailing. Large retail outlets are jumping on board and creating interactive applications for the iPad to enhance the customer experience — and yes — to be perceived as hip and cool. And while GAP and Home Depot figure out ways to transform their business with the iPad, we in the equipment industry are looking further out  — at how this may enhance our businesses. At the AEM Conference this fall, there was some brief discussion about Augmented Reality and how it could be used for servicing equipment. At the time, I thought to myself, that’s really cool….but likely a long way off. Well, now I’m not so sure.

Let us know how you foresee the iPad technology enhancing your business. Does it have a place in the equipment industry? What is it? Will it be cost prohibitive? Give us your thoughts.

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