It’s coming. Do you hear it? More importantly, are you ready for it? No, not Christmas…though that will be here before we know it. I’m talking about tradeshow season. With the summer beginning to fade, it’s time to get into the swing of tradeshow planning. Many companies use tradeshows as a way to launch new, exciting and innovative products. While you can hold an event in your booth or schedule one-on-one visits with editors, a great way to really make a splash at a tradeshow is with a press conference.

Before you begin planning a press conference, first be sure the information you have to share warrants one (meaning, don’t hold a conference to talk about a minor new detail on product that has been on the market for three years). If it’s decided the new information doesn’t warrant a full-blown conference, simply include it in the press kit and extend the invitation for editors to come by your booth for additional details. But in the event a press conference is necessary, keeping in mind a few key points will help ensure the event goes smoothly.

  • Reserve your time well in advance – months if possible
  • Send invitations in advance
  • Consider offering a meal or snack
  • Keep the presentation short
  • Focus on just one or two products
  • Cover a few important points and let the press release tell the rest

The bottom line is simply to make the press conference interesting, relevant and worthwhile for the editors who attend. It’s crucial to show how much you value their time by giving them a well-planned and executed conference After all, they have a lot to cover at shows. And the difference between a well-thought out press conference and one that appears to be thrown together at the last minute is often just the small details.

Do you have any tips for planning and carrying out a successful press conference? Editors, do you have any comments about what you like to see from companies holding a press conference?

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