Denise Stoppleworth – President – IRONCLAD Marketing

Denise Stoppleworth

When we name our children, we labor over the perfect name. One that has family or social relevance. One that will encapsulate the child’s looks and personality. One that will be appropriate for the young woman or man the child grows into. A name with the right amount of dignity, respect and professionalism to accompany a doctor, lawyer, President or marketing executive. We study books for meanings and make endless lists narrowing and narrowing the pool until we finally decide on the perfect fit.

Clearly a name is very important. Companies agonize over the right names for products and divisions and we’ve been part of that process – that labor of love – to
find the perfect name. Perhaps the most close to home – other than the naming of my children – was the naming of IRONCLAD Marketing. Over the past 18 months, the question that always arises is, “How did you arrive at that name?”  But the more important question to me is what is the significance?

First and foremost, I am very much a “follow your heart” kind of person and something about IRONCLAD Marketing just felt right. It had a good ring to it.

I sought something that would encompass the equipment industry we serve, while still not being too limiting so as to allow for diversification. (After this economic downturn, we all know how important it is to be able to diversify.) I also wanted a name that would reflect the kind of work and service I envisioned for my own company. Solid marketing plans, built on sound strategy and good creative – all with attention to the small details and customer service that lead to flawless execution.  (Okay, no one is flawless and I would never claim to be, but we put our whole heart, blood, sweat and tears into each project.) IRONCLAD means impenetrable, strong, unable to break. IRONCLAD Marketing seemed like the perfect fit.

Shortly after I had launched IRONCLAD Marketing, I was talking to a good friend and business acquaintance, and he questioned my thought process, saying that he thinks of Old Ironsides when he hears the word IRONCLAD. To him, that conjured up images of old and antiquated.

Because I trust his advice, the question often nagged in the back of my mind – until last August. I attended the APWA show in Boston and spent some time there with my family. Do you know what ship is docked in the harbor for tourists to examine? Old Ironsides! And guess what I learned? In all her years of operation, Old Ironsides never lost a battle and never had enemies set foot on her unless as prisoners. Not bad attributes. One more reason clients can be assured we’re in it to win – market share, exposure, share of voice – it’s an IRONCLAD bet!

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