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A Not-So-New Face at IRONCLAD


Denise Stoppleworth

It’s always exciting to announce a new team member, especially one that brings so much experience and breadth of talent to the IRONCLAD team. That’s how I feel about Amy Wieser Willson. While Amy might seem like a new face to the IRONCLAD team, she is anything but new. Amy joined us full time in January 2014, but she has worked with IRONCLAD off and on in a contract and part-time capacity for the past four years. In fact, Amy has been involved in projects for nearly every client before becoming a full-time member of the IRONCLAD team.  We’re so pleased to add her as our vice president of client services. Continue Reading →

Not Many Cons at CONEXPO

Laura Stoneburner Head shot

Laura Stoneburner

CONEXPO-CON/AGG rolls around once every three years, tugging at the construction vests of all industry gurus to attend or exhibit. That’s why the prep for CONEXPO begins 12 to 18 months in advance. And naturally we were in the heart of it, helping our clients make a splash at the big event.

For me, the introduction to the magnitude of CONEXPO began last spring when I attended the AEM marketing conference. I could tell by the discussions this is not an average tradeshow. CONEXPO clearly would be no small undertaking for anyone attending or exhibiting. It was going to be huge.

When I was chosen Continue Reading →

Thankful By the Letters

Denise Stoppleworth's headshot

Denise Stoppleworth

As I sat around a table laden with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy and finished off my Thanksgiving dinner with pie and wine, I couldn’t help but reflect on all the blessings in my life this year. To explain, I’m going back to grade school projects with something I am thankful for represented by each letter:


[cp_dropcaps]T[/cp_dropcaps]– Time. Though there is never enough, and I’m always wishing for another hour or another day or a little more time to finish that project, I’m very grateful for each day I’ve been blessed with.

[cp_dropcaps]H[/cp_dropcaps] – Handfuls. Yes, when I was kid I was a handful. Now I have three wonderful “handfuls” of my own. Many days, this business is a “handful,” but as my grandmother would always say, a full hand is a blessed hand. Continue Reading →

Get to Know Sarah Roberts

Sarah Roberts

Graphic Designer

Get to know IRONCLAD graphic designer Sarah Roberts. Odd cottage cheese/jello concoctions and phone choices aside, she believes in doing more of what makes you awesome.