Did you know Thanksgiving is this week? Seriously, I really worry that people might not realize it. With the Halloween candy hangover still looming well into November, and the abundance of Christmas-themed ads pummeling us everywhere we go, poor Thanksgiving often becomes lost and forgotten. And what’s sadder is Thanksgiving is the quiet, low-maintenance holiday we should all look forward to most of all. It’s a holiday that only demands one day from us, and comes with a simple request: Be thankful.

Too often – and it’s true with every holiday – I feel like we forget the real significance. We take our day off work, eat an unnecessary amount of food and, if we’re lucky, enjoy a long nap. But do we really stop to appreciate what the holiday is all about? Starting now, let’s make the effort to do that, and what better holiday to kick it off than Thanksgiving. The day intended to spend with family and friends, count all our blessings and just be grateful for the good things in life.

So what are you thankful for? In my Thanksgiving blog from last year (has it really been a year already?!) I gave thanks for dogs, my health and happiness, and a lifetime of great music courtesy of the Fab Four. I’m still thankful for all those things, and more. But I’m putting a new twist on it this year. I decided to focus on the reasons why I’m thankful for the color orange. Here’s why:

  • It’s the color of pumpkins. I love pumpkin-flavored treats, and while the treats themselves may not be orange, the root of what makes them delicious is.
  • It’s the primary color of the Philadelphia Flyers, my favorite hockey team.
  • It’s hardworking and a multi-tasker, both a color and a fruit. Many of us wear a lot of hats in our personal and professional lives, and orange does too.
  • It’s the color of my favorite Nalgene water bottle, which is a fixture on my desk and encourages me to drink water all day. Keeps me hydrated and healthy.
  • Finally, orange is the color synonymous with IRONCLAD. Do I really need to explain further?

Enjoy what you appreciate most in life and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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